About Our School

East Boston Central Catholic is the only parochial school in East Boston serving the needs of East Boston and the surrounding communities of: Winthrop, Revere, Chelsea, Saugus, Greater Boston area. The tuition investment you make in an East Boston Central Catholic education provides your child with the advantages that cannot be provided in public or charter schools. We provide a safe, conducive learning environment that enriches the lives of our students on an academic and spiritual level.

Mission Statement

“East Boston Central Catholic School is committed to strong basic skills development within a solid Christian Framework. The curriculum at all times is geared to foster the growth of individual self-worth; to develop a love and commitment to our faith; to encourage knowledge and pride in one's heritage; to develop an appreciation and respect for cultural diversities; and to develop a commitment of service to others.”


East Boston Central Catholic School rests on a foundation of Christian beliefs. The philosophy of the school reflects the values and ideals of all those who have a vital part in the growth, development, and life of the school. The effectiveness of its philosophy is measured by the attitudes, behavior, and daily living of the students, parents, and faculty who have assimilated it. The philosophy of the school stresses the need for "community among people" as a basic strategy for students and faculty to value in coping with the perplexities and decisions of an ever-changing society.

Therefore, the staff commits itself to implement, uphold, and support the guidelines on Christian education in its three-fold purpose as set down by the Bishops' Pastoral Message on Catholic schools. Specifically the staff strives:

• to integrate the Gospel message with the rest of learning and living;

• to provide a contemporary understanding and experience of Christian community that will enable students to address with sensitivity the multiple problems which face individuals and society today;

• to foster and encourage in students an orientation toward Christian values by helping them acquire the skills, virtues, and habits of heart and mind required for effective service to themselves and others

In light of this three-fold mission, all those involved in the school (students, teachers, staff, parents, clergy, and administration) are encouraged to work earnestly to make the school a community of faith that is indeed "living, conscious, and active".

Vision Statement

We, the staff of East Boston Central Catholic School, advocate a student who responds to Gospel Values by being:

A SPIRITUAL PERSON who recognizes and responds to God and is committed to a Christian lifestyle.

A WHOLE PERSON who is striving to become morally and physically self-disciplined, self-confident, and self-motivated.

A LOVING PERSON who values himself/herself as well as others.

A RESPONSIBLE PERSON who responds to peace and justice issues, personal rights, and environmental concerns.

A HOPE-FILLED PERSON who through his/her Christian values can positively look forward to tomorrow.