Religion/Family Life

Religion is an integral part of the curriculum. In addition to formal classroom instruction, students live out their faith experience through involvement in prayer services, monthly liturgies, sacramental preparation, and community service including:

• Oxfam America
• Pine Street Inn Support Program - Adopt-a-Bed
• Crossroads Shelter Food Pantry


The Curriculum is dependent on the child's grade. Students are challenged to succeed in all aspects of Math Development using a variety of methods. Workbooks, manipulatives, and games are used just to name a few.

Social Studies

Students study the world around them, both historically and geographically, in order to better understand themselves, and society.


Science is taught from a multi-sensory, hands-on approach. The curriculum encompasses text material and experimentation. We have a formal Science Lab for students in grade 6-8.

Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum includes English (written and oral), Spelling, Phonics, Reading/Literature and Handwriting.


Weekly music classes are conducted by a music teacher for the Early Education Center through eight. Grades four and up are introduced to hand bell arrangements and demonstrate this skill in a variety of performances. A school choir is open to children in grades four through eight. The school choir performs in Christmas festivities throughout the community.

All of the classes display their musical talents in two school shows: The Christmas Show and the Spring Show.

Physical Education

P. E. classes are held for students in the Early Education Center through eight grade to instruct them in motor skills, as well as in the fundamentals of group games and sports.


To foster the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.


EBCCS operates with an emphasis on using technology to help our students grow with the ever changing world with emphasis placed on the computer as a tool to enhance learning. Students have access to the lab and 1-to-1 use of Chromebooks for students in grades 1-8. Within the classroom, interactive Promethean Digital Display boards are used to enhance the educational curriculum and engage the students. Computers are used in various ways including a means of providing remedial and/or enrichment opportunities in specific subject areas, as well as tapping the rich information resources of the Internet for research projects or teacher presentations.

EBCCS has complete wireless internet access and network abilities throughout the school. We continue to upgrade our computers and software through educational and technology grants.